I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This week's theme: “People’s Choice Voting Challenge | Best Face Photo”

Not really sure how this one works. Only rules were that it had to be from January of 2011. So here's  my entry: 

My daughter, being 9 now, doesn't take many baths anymore. But on this day, she asked for one. Being our last home day before winter break was finished, I gave in. She loved digging out some of the old baby bath toys and her swim goggles, of course. I love that she put them on upside down. These are the little things I so love to capture. Looking back at this month's photos and looking for one to submit, I can see that I don't have many full-on beautiful images with just faces. But what I do have are lots of "moments" of my children's life that mean so much to me right now. One day it will mean the world to me that I was able to capture these little things that matter. 

Okay, now I'm off to check out some of the other entries for this week over at I Heart Faces... I love seeing what others are able to capture! Go check it out. Better yet....submit your own photo!


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

Trying to follow through with my intentions, here is my next submission for the I Heart Faces challenge. This week's theme is "Innocent Wonder" I really wasn't sure what I could capture that would portray this so looking back at some of my project 365 photos from this month I found this one and thought it fit the description pretty well. 

On this particular day, my daughter decided to play outdoors with our neighbor who is 4. I love that she has no problem playing with a child 5 years younger than her and that they play together so well. When I came out to check on them, I discovered them in "the castle" (an area of the yard with some fallen trees and wood pile). While Julia was busy sweeping the snow out of the castle with a branch from a pine tree, I snapped this photo of Hannah sitting all by herself rubbing this stick on the piece of bark. She had the smallest of smiles on her face and I wondered what it was she was doing. Turns out she was practicing her "violin" for the concert they were preparing! They spent almost an hour doing this...gathering "instruments" and practicing in the castle. I so love capturing these little moments...


This little guy is so funny sometimes

Lately he has been so fixated on his hairstyle. First off, he likes to comb it straight forward. I'm not sure why he started doing it this way but he does it everyday and doesn't want me (much as I'd like to) to brush it to the side or style it in any way. And now that winter has set in and hats are a regular part of the wardrobe, he is constantly worried about bits sticking up here and there, which happen often with the way he wears it. I'll often catch him trying to smooth it down or looking in the mirror to see how it's looking. Today, as we arrived to gymnastics, he asked for the brush so he could fix it up again before we left the car. So sweet....I just want to kiss him!


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

So I guess by putting this out there, I am making it an "official" resolution...even though I really dislike that word. I prefer to say intention. My intention this year is to really make an effort to take my photography to the next level. And the new camera body Andy gave me for Christmas this year was the perfect thing to light my fire again. To make good on my intentions, I've set a lofty goal of doing a 365 project this year. It's going to be challenging and I know there will be days when I just have no inspiration, but I think that's what makes it a good goal to have. It's just one picture each day. While I'd love to think they will all be beautiful pieces of work, I know that's unrealistic. If they were all perfect, I wouldn't need this challenge. I'm going to do my best to follow through on this. Sticking with things...and I mean really sticking with them for the long haul, has always been hard for me in many areas of my life. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic. Back to photography.

Another way I'm working on my intention is to read everything I can get my hands on...which usually means online photography boards, blogs, groups. Which is how I came across I Heart Faces. Which leads me to another part of making good on my intention...putting myself out there. I love hiding and lurking and not taking risks. But that's not getting me anywhere I want to go so my other unspoken intention is to work on confidence in my abilities. My abilities as a mother, a wife, a friend, a writer, a photographer, a teacher, an athlete. I know in my head I am good at what I do in these life areas, but now I need to accept them in my heart. And for me I believe it starts with challenging myself and taking risks....putting myself out there for the world to see. So I'm starting with photography. I'm going to do my best to participate in online challenges and offer my work up for constructive critisism and critique. So here goes: my first online challenge. It may go unnoticed, and that's okay. Baby steps....

The theme for this week's I Heart Faces Challenge is "Winter Wonderland" which worked out perfectly as yesterday was the first day in a long time where we had all day snow. And it was that big fat snowflake snow that I love so much. The kids were home from school and were begging to go sledding, as we really hadn't had good enough snow for sledding before this. So Andy and I finished up our work and geared up and headed over to the closest decent sized hill. Here's my entry, which I captured after Hannah's first run down the hill. I love how the falling snow looks behind her. Love those big fat snowflakes. I'd love to know what you think.


Clickin' Moms Giveaway!

Today Liz of Paislee Press has posted an amazing giveaway, a one year membership to Clickin’ Moms. I’ve heard a lot of really wonderful things about this online community and have always wanted to give it a try. If you’re interested, you can also check out the giveaway on her blog!



sledding fun

So glad I'm able to participate in this kind of fun this year. Last year, my lower back pain prevented me from doing this much. I really cherish these moments with the kids...so fortunate that I'm able to be available for these events.


Remember This

Spent some time learning some new digital stuff this morning. Here's what I ended up with. Feels good to get a page actually completed. Now just need to print it.


rainy morning...

Nice slow morning here. Sleeping in, working out, eating breakfast and checking in. Everyone doing their own thing. I kind of like these types of mornings once in a while.


Just another Monday...

Can't quite decide if I like Mondays or not. I was totally not in the mood to workout this morning, but am very proud of the fact that I did...90 minutes of yoga, right after drop off. Followed by a big run of groceries, unloading of groceries, pick-up, gymnastics for A, pick-up again, shower night for both of them, dinner and bed time. My treat for the day? Finding this dessert made by Hannah......Banana, Kiwi, Raisins & Honey. DZ. I.Love.That. :)


This house is a zoo...

A and H pulled this oldie but goodie out of the basement today. They played with it for a couple of hours. My favorite part of all of it? Listening to A speak for the little people...in a high falsetto voice :)


Hard at Work

When I came home from getting my hair cut, this is what I found. Daddy was upstairs doing his work and these two were doing theirs'...online puzzles. Love the tongue...


Field Trip

I chaperoned another first grade field trip today. Since it was a "home day" for A, he was allowed to join us. After lunch we took the class to a local sledding hill (which we'd never been to before) They all had a blast. And luckily the frigid cold held off until after dismissal. A took a good blow to the nose when one of the first graders plowed into him on the hill. He took it easy after that, but I still think he had fun.

Aside from the fun afternoon, it was also "Crazy Hair" day as part of their week long "no put-down" week. This is what we came up with for H...